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Serving The World Naturally From Southern California! 
Magic Mineral (MM) Reduces water requirements by 15-30% - MM is all natural and PH neutral
MM holds 40% of its weight in water, keeps water and nutrients at the root zone longer! 
We are Property Grounds Management Consultants - 25 years of experience - We have solutions for heavy metals and hydrocarbons!
Do you know the 5 reasons you are wasting millions of  gallons of water every year  you don't have too..! 
I answer all email  zeomagic@yahoo.com  or call 818 613-9020
       Magic Mineral (MM) Ground Conditioner  Formally known as Jacks Dirt contains natural Zeolite (Laumontite)
MM will help carry your landscape through summer droughts, holds nutrients at the root zone longer

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An Inexpensive, multi-purpose product that gets truly amazing results!       
5 tons does an average Softball Infield MM absorb and holds water, like a sponge, for a safer playing surface.
When Zeolite is pure, the color of the Zeolite is colorless or white. wikipedia.org/wiki/Laumontite

The Zeo-Tech Difference Our Zeolite is Calcium Feldspar, which makes it PH neutral.Nature’s Way of Mineralizing the Landscape Industry! Magic Mineral is an all-natural soil amender its a boon to grounds superintendents, commercial growers and home gardeners a like. It combines many benefits in one easy-to-use soil amendment. Holds 40% of its weight in wate

Our all-natural Zeolite is the inexpensive, easy-to-apply solution that tackles your toughest issues right now. Dedicated to eco-friendly solutions across the board, Zeo-Tech offers the property management consulting services you need. Our distinctive product line means a better solution every time.

                      We are uniquely qualified to drive down coast by leading edge technology and experience.

Do you use Decomposed Granite (DG) Top Soil or Sand? Magic Mineral Ground Conditioner can be added to them all on your fields. MM Ground Conditioner contains natural Zeolite, which has a three-dimensional honeycomb structure. MM absorb and holds water, like a sponge, for a safer playing surface.  MM drains like sand, firms up like clay, cushions like topsoil.  Learn More

Magic Mineral Zeolite can take the place of vermiculite and pearlite in potting soil and for hydroponic or wick systems!              
MM controls mold and fungus in wick and hydro systemsClick here to see video

Zeo-Tech's MM Products has Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) it will help you construct a higher CEC in your soil.

The CEC of the soil is determined by the amount of clay MM and humus that is present. These two colloidal substances are essentially for the cation warehouse or reservoir in the soil. They are very important because they improve the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil. Sandy soils with very little organic matter (OM) have a low CEC, but heavy clay soils with high levels of Organic Matter would have a much greater capacity to hold water and cations.

This All-natural product is a boon to the commercial landscaper, growers and home gardeners alike. It combines many benefits in one easy to-use fertilizer soil amendment. Environmentally friendly, economical.


High Calcium Zeo-Tech Products are recognized as an excellent fertilizer and field soil amendment. In direct soil application Zeolite can serve a similar function in the slow release of nitrogen. Zeolites have their atoms arranged in a honeycomb open crystal framework that can hold other atoms or molecules much like a sponge holds water.

Soil with a very low CEC has little or no clay or humus content. Its description may be closer to sand and/or gravel than to soil. It cannot hold very much water or cation nutrients and plants cannot grow well. The reason for the necessary adjustment is not for the need of a higher CEC but because the soil needs conditioning. Ad MM amendment results is a higher CEC, that simple.

MM comes from the high deserts of Southern California - a simple and cost efficient answer to your field’s needs from new sports field construction and maintenance to surface renovation. Solutions to storm drain run off - Odor control

We are Property Grounds Management Consults - Celebrating 25 years in Business - We have solutions to storm drain run off!
    Do you know the 5 reasons you are wasting millions of  gallons of water every year  you don't have too..!  Want to learn more!
QuikClot’s first and second generation hemostasis products are based on a mineral called Zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral. Zeolite has many fascinating properties and has applications in many areas, such as in detergents, as a water softener, in insulated glazed windows, where it prevents condensation, as well as packaging in supermarkets to preserve food freshness. One amazing property of Zeolite is the tremendous surface area that is found in a small volume of material. One teaspoon of Zeolite provides a surface area equal to that of a football field. In addition to naturally occurring Zeolite, approximately 1.5 million tons of various forms of engineered Zeolite are manufactured every year. http://www.z-medica.com

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